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billige nike air max 90 dame Take short steps and keep your legs close together. Move slowly, and be conscious of the surface you are walking on and if there are any upcoming obstacles such as sidewalk grates. Touch the ground first with your heel as you step, rolling the weight forward to the ball of your foot and then to your toe, while stepping forward with the opposite foot. Keep good posture by bringing your chest up and your shoulders rounded back, especially if you are in high platform heels. This makes you look more confident and helps to balance the change in your body's center of gravity.Learning to walk in high heels is a skill that must be practiced and developed, as there are very few women that are immediately able to navigate their way through high heels. Although learning to walk in platform shoes can be easier than walking in stilettos, as there is less of an arch through the area of the foot, you can ensure that you are able to make the transition easy with a little practice.

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